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Theo Brooks Designs


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These are a few examples of commissions I have worked on.


The 'Eternal Flame Sculptures' were customised centre pieces for a wedding, created to match the different bridesmaid dresses and overall colour scheme of the wedding. They range in height, some standing over a meter tall.


Another popular request is for customised vessels. Whether decorative bowls or bud vases, they can make the perfect gift. The two custom vessels in pink and blue are examples of a custom range created to be wedding gifts.


Whilst carrying out my residency at Farnham, I was fortunate to work alongside many artists and designers in producing their work. One of these was Chloe Herrero, a jewellery designer & maker who commissioned small blown elements to play a part in her Belljar range.


I am happy to take on various types of commissions from original design to restoration work.