Rhyton Bull Vessel and Goblets
Battuto Bull - 66cmH x 62L x36W
Battuto Bull Detail 2
Battuto Bull Detail 1
Battuto Bull Detail 4
Battuto Bull Detail 3
Horned Jug Vessels - 55cmH x 25cmW, 84cm
Horned Jug Vessels Detail 2
Horned Jug Vessels Detail
Horned Jug Vessels Detail 3
Rhyton Bull Vessel - 60cmH x 21cmW x 38c
Bull Horn Goblets - 18cmH x28cmW x 9cmD.
Bull Horned Goblets - 18cmH x 28cmW x 9c
Rhyton Bull and goblets pouring
Cypriot Bull - H 44cm x W52cm x L 55cm
Cypriot Bull - Front
Cypriot Bull - Detail
'Ritual Marker' 1
'Ritual Marker' 2
'Ritual Marker' 3
'Ritual Marker' 4
Bullring - 80cmH x 60cmW - 15cmD

'Ritual Relations' delves into ancient Cypriot cultural rituals, investigating the use and creation of artefacts found in Cyprus from around 2000BC. The artefacts tell stories of cult ritual gatherings in ancient Cyprus and their importance in Cypriot history. I always felt a displacement from my Cypriot heritage growing up in London. The reinvention and celebration of these objects allows me to discover a part of my heritage that I have been removed from, whilst going back even further into these ancient practices to unknown and mysterious 'spaces'. The reinvention of some of these objects allows me to create faux ritual and religious objects that reflects a culture gone and remembered through the objects they made.