Yrami Pink Plate
'Yrami' Pink Plate
Yrami Low
'Yrami' Abstracted Shorthand front
'Yrami' Abstracted Shorthand
Yrami Blue
Yrami Medium Amber
Yrami Large inside detail
Yrami Orange Vessels
Yrami Orange Detail
Yrami Black and White
Yrami Black and White Detail
Yrami Blue Vessel
Yrami Cherry Red
Yrami Distant

Through the study of various ancient objects, my curiosity into hieroglyphs and the way in which mark making has been used to communicate throughout the ages, has manifested as studies through the act of creating the ‘line’. These explorations of communicating through the line draw influence from many different cultures and time periods, such as texts found on the walls of Agia Sophia to stenography used in court rooms today. Shorthand writing plays an important factor in my body of work, as it is an extremely pure expression of language in the form of a line. It is unreadable to most people without a guide to decipher, and abstracting this curvaceous language through block, hard, dynamic pattern making, starts the creation of a personal form of my own language. Besides from the ‘hidden messages’ within the work, the language starts to take on it’s own aesthetics, where the viewer can enjoy the visuals of the unknown, emulating the feeling of discovery within ancient artefacts. 

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