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Yrami Pink Plate
'Yrami' Pink Plate
Yrami Distant
Yrami Low
'Yrami' Abstracted Shorthand front
'Yrami' Abstracted Shorthand
Yrami Blue
Yrami Medium Amber
Yrami Large inside detail
Yrami Orange Vessels
Yrami Orange Detail
Yrami Black and White
Yrami Black and White Detail
Yrami Blue Vessel
Yrami Cherry Red

When researching ancient Cypriot objects, it was evident that there was always an element of communication through the imagery, symbolism or the sculptural forms on the pottery. The geometric line pattern in the 'Yrami' series draws relations to the ‘unknown language’ one would discover on hieroglyphs to a point where they stop communicating and turn into an aesthetic style. The indigenous language of Cyprus, that is present on some of the earliest ceramic vessels, is indecipherable. This language remains as a series of unobtainable line markings, making one focus on the beauty in the act of their creation. The personalised geometric ‘language’, aims to play on this same theme, as an unobtainable language that gives the impression of something trying to communicate but cannot, therefore drawing the focus further to the unknown. The ‘language’ that I have created pulls from the abstracting of the Cypro- Minoan mark marking, as well as an interpretation of cursive shorthand. 

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